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BuySpiceline is the website for Chef Eric Carlson's line of flavorful spices blends and seasonings. Our spice blends are top quality and freshly prepared in small batches, so they are not found in stores and in larger online retailers. Quality and taste is more important to us than being on every retailer's shelves. That said, we certainly appreciate word of mouth advertising, so if you love our spice blends, tell your family and friends. Here are some of the reason's why Spiceline by Chef Eric stands out:

  • We use the BEST ingredients - no GMOs, no Gluten, no Fillers, no Preservatives
  • Best customer service - you are dealing with the owner and this owner knows that a good customer is priceless!
  • Every spice blend is freshly made - cracked, broken, sifted, crushed, smoked, toasted and blended in small batches so they are fresh when they arrive in the jar. When our spice blends are used, the flavor is intense.
  • We offer sample packets for $1 (covers the shipping and envelope). Skeptics can try for no major investment.