Spice It Up!

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Spice It Up! is such a versatile and flavorful blend it is perfect for so many things. 

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Compositions Organic and all natural herbs and spices
Styles All purpose seasoning
Properties Pairs with vegetables, meats, fish, soups and sauces

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Spice It Up! has so many uses. Here are 7 of them. 

1) DIP: Yogurt or Sour Cream Dip - add 2 Tbs Spice It Up! to 1 Cup, stir and serve with veggies or chips

2) DRESSING: Olive Oil and Vinegar - add 2 Tbs Spice It Up! to 3/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup your choice of vinegar. Whisk and pour over salads or veggies

3) RUB: Olive Oil - add 2 tsp Spice It Up! to one ounce olive oil and stir. Rub on poultry and meats and roast, grill or bake.

4) POPCORN SEASONING: Olive Oil or Butter Spray - pulverize into dust (use a coffee grinder to make it easy) 1 tsp Spice It Up! Spray air-popped popcorn with your olive oil or butter spray and then dust Spice It Up! over popcorn, tossing and lightly spraying to give a small coating of seasoning to the popcorn.

5) MARINADE: Combine 1 cup orange juice with 2 tsp Spice It Up! and 1 tbs olive oil. Marinate fish or poultry for a couple hours then grill, roast, saute or bake.

6) SOUP STARTER: Combines 2 cups bone broth with 2 tsp Spice It Up! Heat and serve or add desired soup ingredients. 

7) Sauce: Combine 2 cups tomato sauce with 1 Tbs. Spice It Up!, 2 gloves minced garlic, 1/2 oz minced onion and cook. Use over pasta noodles and garnish with fresh grated parmesan cheese.